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Another beautilful continental track
A third continental track

The continental type track has both advantages and disadvantages when compared to the traditional English counterpart.  Being trailer mounted they are easier to transport, and quicker to set up/take down , requiring fewer personnel to do the job.  Additionally they tend to be decorated to a higher standard with fancy airbrushed artwork and computerised lighting systems.

The drawbacks they appear to have are the fact that being trailer mounted they are larger and heavier, limiting the venues they can attend. We have successfully carried English type tracks under low bridges or through narrow gates and erected them in hard to reach places, this just isn’t possible with a continental track, you would need around a 9 foot wide and 15 feet high entrance to accommodate the transport vehicle and trailer.

We do not have a standard hire charge for dodgems. The reason for this is the fact that we always strive to provide you with the best price possible, so if for instance you wanted to hire a dodgem ride in an area where we had another booking the same week, we would save you money by sharing the transport cost between both bookings. If we were to have a standard price, it would have to be higher than this to cover the  eventuality of only having the one booking.

As a rule a weekday booking is less expensive than a weekend, winter months are less expensive than summer months. Whatever type of dodgems you want to hire in Herts, we can provide them.

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